As I crawl into bed this evening I am filled with excitement about the RV training which will begin tomorrow in Goshen, Indiana.  Yesterday we took a drive over the Elkhart Fairgrounds to see where the seminar will be held and where my motel is located.  Beautiful drive!  I am anxious to meet and talk with people who are already living the lifestyle I have only dreamed about but is now about to begin.

I am an impulsive person, so I have very consciously decided to attend several seminars before buying my rig.  I want to know as much about living in an RV as possible before I make my final decision.  There is so much to learn:  water, electrical, sewer, needs, insurance, residency, taxes, safety, etc, etc, etc.  A whole section of my blog will be devoted to the training.

We have been walking for an hour every morning for exercise, and in doing so, have met some wonderful new friends.  One couple in particular has touched me.  Ron has a very serious melanoma and not much hope, so when he asked me if I had been to “Kunkle” yet, I thought it would be fun to drive there and get a picture I could email to him, proving my visit to Ohio is now complete because I visited the town of Kunkle, population 4052. (See picture).  Ron was born and raised in the small town.

Kunkle, Ohio, Ron's home town.  Population 4052
Kunkle, Ohio, Ron’s home town. Population 4052