After having just returned from Goshen, Indiana and five and a half days of RV seminars and tours, I am both excited and contented.  Howard and Linda of RV Dreams put on a very informative, extensive, and fun rally.  Topics included everything from picking your boondocking campsites to maintaining the suspension on your rig and all else in between.  The RV Driving School was on hand to address both safety and driving techniques.  One seminar was dedicated to the ladies encouraging them to learn to drive the big vehicles, giving their partners a break now and then.

It was very affirming to be with 160 avid RVers, all looking for and sharing tips and tricks on how to make the RV lifestyle more comfortable or practical, safer, and economically feasible, while maintaining a slower, more relaxed pace.  Some have mastered the new lifestyle beautifully and have been doing it for years, while others were “newbies” like myself, still struggling with decisions regarding rigs, insurance, domiciles for tax purposes, etc.   All, though, share a dream – that of living in the most spectacular locations this country has to offer and having the freedom to move onto the next one on a whim.

I came away with two take-aways:  SLOW DOWN!  As George from the RV Driving School says, “Everything about an RV has to be done slowly.”  Secondly, I learned that I will be learning a new trade – auto mechanics!  The key is maintenance and awareness.  RVers have some wonderful checklists for daily activities in regards to RV maintenance when out on the road or sitting in a campground.  My own checklists will be revised as I learn from those with years of experience.  Glyn, one of the instructors from The Driving School, was kind enough to share a list of tools with me every RVer should have before starting out.