Creative genius abounds!  This was our first visit to Legoland; Miniland is a true marvel.  Our visit began with a short ride through a tunnel shooting at the bad guys to save the princess.  I think my daughter won that round!  Next was Miniland, where you could spend hours and hours marveling at the details.  I was very impressed.  Following a quick snack, we entered the main activity room and found ourselves buried in Legos for the next three hours……buckets and buckets of them!  My little grandson had a ball!  His Mom and Abuelita did too.  The noise level is pretty phenomenal….not in a good way.  My recommendation is to visit Legoland during the week (adults are welcome only when accompanied by a child).  They do promote an evening for adults, which I think would be a blast!  I did get down on the floor to build my own creation………and kept having bright colored pieces added to MY creation by passing children.  How rude! ;).