The last few days spent in Arlington with my daughter and grandson were wonderful, and it is always difficult to say goodbye when future visits are undetermined.  Such is life!  Our last Sunday together we took a short hike across the Old North Bridge just outside Concord, MA, up through the trees to the visitors ‘ center.  My little grandson was fascinated with the stories of the soldiers fighting on the bridge, the redcoats vs. the brown coats.  Then when one ranger showed up in uniform, he was quite taken aback.

Even the trees in downtown Arlington were afire, and the trip to York, Pennsylvania on Tuesday was very distracting for this solo driver.  Wow!  You hear about the great fall foliage in New England, but until you experience it first hand, it is almost impossible to describe to others.  Even photos can’t seem to capture the magnitude and the emotion.  I keep reminding myself that I have just gotten a taste of it, as I need to head further north for the slam dunk effect!  Next year!

The training with RVing Women in York has been going full swing since last Tuesday evening.  Two hundred women, many older than myself, are amazingly talented, caring, and knowledgeable about the RV life and the rigs themselves.  I have been the recipient of some great tips which I have documented and will put to good use before too long.  This is a group that likes to party!  Every evening there is an event of some kind going on with a DJ, a guest singer or musician, raffles, auctions, etc.  Tonight’s farewell banquet dinner was catered and served by a five-star restaurant.  Wonderful!

Next stop:  Gettysburg, on the way to Lexington and Knoxville.  I come away from this training session as excited as ever about my new lifestyle to be….one session I particularly enjoyed was on how to select the right RV for you.  This now has me considering a Class A…….thought I was definite about a Class C.”  Ha, ha! Now I will be forced to look at a few more……golly gee, what a shame!

The other session I really enjoyed was the one on “geocaching.” I may have just found my next new hobby. I had interviewed someone for a hospital newsletter a few years back when geocaching first became popular. It was brand new to me, and I was intrigued. Now that I have seen how it works in more detail, this could be all kinds of fun. I know the grandkids would love it.

The photos I wanted to share will not upload after several attempts.  The motel Wifi is pretty spotty, so I will wait until Knoxville to post a few nice photos.  Until then, blessings!