The third RV learning seminar was fantastic!  I left Knoxville on Monday the 20th and drove straight through to Heber Springs, Arkansas.  It was another interesting drive through Tennessee, then into Arkansas, having just crossed the mighty Mississippi, and into cotton fields and rice paddies.  The last hour or two, dropping down into Heber Springs through the Ozark foothills was truly spectacular with little traffic, wonderful colors, and slow meandering roads across rivers and creeks.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were seminar days.  Leaders addressed how to get the best internet and cell connections when on the road and often away from decent signals.  All kinds of equipment and ideas were thrown out, depending on what your particular needs are.  Some RVers work fulltime in their RVs and need Internet service 24/7.  I will be needing it a lot of the time, but there will be times when I will have to wait until I can get myself to a public WiFi location.  Most campgrounds now offer WiFi service, but I expect to be doing a significant amount of boondocking and visiting State parks, where WiFi is not always available.  It Is so fortunate that experienced RVers have written great books to help guide those of us who are very new to this whole lifestyle.  And being RVers, with concern for rig weights, how wonderful that almost everything can be gotten digitally!

Other subjects addressed were Internet safety, kitchen ideas, electrical and propane use, tire safety, what to watch out for when buying a rig, and, of course, Workamping.  The seminar was sponsored by Workamper News, and they did a fabulous job with the entire event.  They brought in excellent authorities and offered a wide range of topics for all needs.  The seminars on workamping were very informational, helping to get us focused on the steps to take to get a job on the road, whether at a National Park, at Amazon, or anywhere.  Experienced Workampers shared their personal stories, making the whole scene more real!

Those who came with their rigs and parked at the Dam Site opened their homes for touring.  Seeing these rigs, as they are being used, is really helpful in making a decision on what type of rig to go for.  I have gone from thinking a Class C was the only kind I could handle, both financially and physically, to considering a Class A (bus type), to now deciding a 5th Wheel is the best choice for me.  It sure pays to talk to people who are doing it fulltime already!  Live and learn!

I was very touched by the fact that the leaders on Workamper News are so open and eloquent about their faith.  One primary reason for my journey is to learn to be more open about my own faith, and I have asked my friends and family to pray for “boldness” for me.  It’s not about “bible-thumping;” it’s all about leading by example in one’s life choices.  It is finding true joy in the smallest of God’s creatures as well as the grandest of His creations.  The United States is a majestic, beautiful country, and we are so fortunate to live in this country.  I thank my Heavenly Father for that gift as often as possible.  The last two months, since I left California, have been filled with spectacular views and caring wonderful people….and I don’t even have my rig yet.  But, I am getting closer.