So many big decisions in the past week, and I am so grateful to have my sister and brother-in-law along for the ride!  Below is a picture of the truck I will be buying in the next few days.  It is being held for me.  We went for a test drive today, and, wow!, I was very pleasantly surprised at how nice it rides.  I have an appointment for a full inspection on Friday morning, then the deal will be finalized.  I have named this one after my father, thus Leon it is!  Tonight’s post will be brief as I am wrung out.  My plan is to stay in an Escapee park near Knoxville for a few weeks to get settled and organized in my new home.  Hopefully, I will get lucky and find a job in the south and head out then.  But first there is the RV Driving School which has been arranged for the second week of December……two days of one-on-one instruction in all aspects of driving a big rig.

Moments of grace:  today I am so grateful for the kindness of strangers!  You only meet a stranger once, and I am meeting new friends daily.