My favorite holiday and time of year – thanksgiving!  Fall colors, crisp air, crunchy leaves, soft rain drops, a warm scarf, and a crackling fireplace; it does not get much better than that.  When you add Thanksgiving to the equation it equals all kinds of wonderfulness!  What are you thankful for this year?

My Tennessee family will be gathering at my niece’s home for the day for good eats, good fun, and good family time.  I have been put in charge of sweet potatoes and cranberry chutney.  My two grand nieces and I will be adding to the table setting by making place card holders for all guests.  Giada de Laurentis has a really cute idea for individual turkies that we will be making (see above).

My gratitude seems to know no bounds this year.  I have made the decision to become a full-timing RV wanderer, and everything is falling into place beautifully.  I have the full support and love from family members, four spectacular grandsons, two very special daughters, friends beyond measure, my health, my faith.  God provides just what I need, when I need it most.  He has placed people in my life to encourage me and move me forward.  It is so amazing to watch all the little, and some not so little, miracles unfold on a daily basis.  Thank you, Father!

My wish for you for this Thanksgiving is that you have too many blessings to count…..the kind of blessings that make you feel warm and cozy.  We are living in a rapidly changing world with some very treacherous events occurring, and we need to pray for the Father’s hand to intervene.  We need to prioritize our needs, putting relationships at the very top.  Isn’t that what really matters?

Bless each of you this holiday, and thank you for being a big part of my life!