Well, I’ve been living in Kwincy for eight nights now, still at the dealership, but loving every moment, big and little!  RVs for Less, where I purchased my RV, is definitely God-sent.  Bruce and Karen Burson and their team of experts are incredibly warm, caring, and experienced.  They have encouraged me to stay in the RV while some upgrades are made to the rig.  After much research, I have decided to have a water filtering system put into the rig permanently, instead of depending on a portable filter at the city hookup.  Secondly, today the “Cheap Heat” is going in……a  system

Leon and Kwincy at RVs for Less getting upgrades and some nice safety features.
Leon and Kwincy at RVs for Less getting upgrades and some nice safety features.

where with the flick of a switch, I will be able to switch from gas to electric heating.  Thirdly, I had surge protectors installed permanently, again not to have to depend on a portable unit at the city’s connection line.  I’ve been told numerous times that city hook-ups can be undependable.

Leon, my Dodge Ram, also had some additions……my brother-in-law gifted me with the installation of side step bars which are not only good-looking, but are great for letting me climb up into the truck with ease.  New mirrors with heat and special magnification were also a must-have for safety, so those are now in place.  Needless to say, the hitch for Kwincy has also been installed.

I’m anxious to get on the road but will be staying near Knoxville to share Christmas with my sister’s family.  Being here since mid-October has allowed me to get to know my two great nieces aged 12 & 8…and what a delight they are!  Believe it or not, the top item on the 8 year old’s Santa wish list is Foccacia, and she’s serious.  She was so cute telling me how delicious it is.  I love these girls so much!

Today I am off to get my Tennessee drivers’ license and voter registration.  Vehicle registrations are in place for both vehicles.  Did I mention that I am now almost a Tennesseean?  Tennessee is pretty strict about needed documentation for each stage of the game, but the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible.

So many thoughts running through my head as I ponder topics to write about, but for today, I will wish each of you a day filled with God’s blessings!

Moments of grace:  today I am so grateful for Butch and Karen, Ken, Allan, Mark, Jeff, Gil, Edgar, Amber, Josh, and all the wonderful “extended family” at RVs for Less.  Thank you Lord for placing these folks in my life!