Each Christmas season, especially over the passed few years, I am deeply moved by the effort more and more people are going to to remove Jesus Christ from thie commemoration of His own birth.  My humble opinion is that the words “political correctness” should be wiped out from the English language.  Striving to be politically correct more often than not, seems to cause more harm than good.  Is one being politically correct when avoiding confrontation because of the possibility of making someone else feel uncomfortable?  Does God even address being “comfortable” in the Bible?

When does sanity return?  Diversity, and the celebration of it, is what makes this world a wonderful place to be in.  Were we not created as equals, every race, color, and creed?  Why is every individual unique if we were not created to Embrace the differences?  Why must our government attempt to homogenize the masses, even working through our schools at all levels to make life generic? What is now happening to our America the Beautiful is really ugly!

When I began this new journey in September (retiring to an RV to travel and volunteer across the country) I prayed for only one word. I asked my friends and family to do the same when I was told they would pray for my travel safety. That one word is BOLDNESS. I am guiltier than most in not sharing my faith openly because of fear of offending someone and fear of confrontation I am unable to handle. I am simply not trusting God to handle that confrontation for me. So, yes, I am praying for boldness…to speak out and share my faith fearlessly; to no longer strive to be politically correct.

Politics, as I understand, refers to governance and organization of the State(s). When did politics become the limitless art of dealing with people in an opportunistic, manipulative, or devious way, in order to gain power or notoriety? What is the motivation for the mass exodus from good old family values to getting all one can get for self gratification?

A King-sized cradle
A King-sized cradle

Christmas is pretty simple: a babe was born in a king-sized cradle.  Happy birthday, Sweet Jesus.