Wikipedia offers the following definition for “white space.”  In page layout, illustration and sculpture, white space is often referred to as negative space. It is the portion of a page left unmarked: margins, gutters, and space between columns, lines of type, graphics, figures, or objects drawn or depicted. The term arises from graphic design practice, where printing processes generally use white paper. White space should not be considered merely ‘blank’ space — it is an important element of design which enables the objects in it to exist at all; the balance between positive (or non-white) and the use of negative spaces is key to aesthetic composition. Inexpert use of white space, however, can make a page appear incomplete.

2015 brings to me the hope to live in the “white space” of my life.  My imprint is currently filled with childhood, schooling, children, grandchildren, friends, jobs, church, etc.  White space is room to grow and explore, a place where dreams can come true.  Seemingly, there are no boundaries.

The fulltiming RV lifestyle is turning me onto roads unknown, new places to explore, interesting people to meet, and through my new boldness, a faith to stretch and grow.  What a journey!  As per the above definition, how expert will the use of my white space be? Time will tell.  There will be bumps in the road, but there will also be rainbows, puddles and pots of gold.

Lack of white space or space crammed with content is confusing.  The beauty of my white space (and yours, hopefully) is that it is never fully filled; it is always there to be added to.  The empty space is equally important as the content already entered, but it does awaken the imagination and spark hope!

My white space is grace-filled because my Lord is my pilot.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  I wish each of you a very healthy and event-filled 2015, blessed beyond measure!  Thrive on life, and love like you’ve never loved before.  I thank you for your loyal following and love hearing from you.


Moments of grace:  I am so very grateful for the support of my family and friends as I journey into 2015 filled with excitement and hope!