The last week has been almost bitterly cold here in Tennessee, which I did not expect.  We were at 7 degrees a few mornings ago – yikes!  For a California gal, that’s pretty nippy!  Kwincy is taking good care of me by providing great heat.  Converting my rig to option between electrical and propane has been a Godsend already!  I keep toying with leaving before the end of the month to try to find some outdoor warmth, but it looks like most of the country is caught in this in some form or another.  Leon was covered with ice this morning.

Even though cold, I managed two short hikes.  One was just around Raccoon Valley, where I am parked, and the second one was

in the Ijams Nature Center, not far from downtown Knoxville.  Both hikes were wintry stark, but beautiful nonetheless.  Quiet, crunchy, and chilly. Not much wildlife, except for the cold crazy humanoids trying to spot them!

Here are a few wintry shots from my walks, and a spectacular sunset we enjoyed on our way to see The Imitation Game.  Great movie, by the way, and the acting is truly superb.  We saw Into the Woods earlier in the week with the grand nieces.  Very entertaining!  I always appreciate Meryl Streep.

Moments of grace:  I am so grateful for the wonderful new friends being brought into my life during this adventure.  Safe travels to them all as we part ways for a short while.  See you on down the road!