Well, my plans to leave for Macon, Georgia on Friday to join the Habitat for Humanity (HFH) build were delayed.  Kwincy’s hydraulic landing gear and motor quit on me as I was setting up to leave.  The rig is now up on blocks at the dealership awaiting the delivery of a new motor and parts.  Thank goodness for the warranty!   I will be leaving for Macon on Monday morning, driving Leon down and returning to Knoxville next weekend to retrieve Kwincy and return to Macon for the second week.  It will be a quick turn-around, but I did not want to let the HFH team down in any way!  I am looking forward so much to this new experience and meeting the team members.

“Our ministry embraces a simple concept of providing a hand up versus a hand out to families in need.”

Moments of grace:  today I am grateful for warm, caring staff members at the RV Dealership who have taken wonderful care of me and Kwincy!