Awesome, and even more awesome again!  I am truly thrilled with my new life style.  Becoming a fulltimer on the road has produced an incredible focus on people.  Yes, the scenery can be breathtaking, but the people one meets on the road are nothing less than spectacular.  And people giving their precious time and talents to an organization like Habitat for Humanity (HFH) are genuine, generous, and gigantically warm!

I did reach my second HFH build last Saturday around noon.  The trip down from Macon, GA went from 21 degrees when I left to the sixties when I arrived four hours later in Fellsmere, Florida.  Our build is in Vero Beach, but we are camping in Fellsmere, about thirty minutes away in a Habitat Community, with Wood Storks and Great Blue Herons flying overhead.  All of the homes in this community have been new construction by Habitat volunteers.  Pictures will follow when I am able to access wifi to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad.

This week we have had the privilege of working in deconstruction.  A very generous family, with a daughter who inherited the house from her parents, has invited Habitat to come into their home and take anything useful for HFH……windows, doors, cabinets, counter tops, appliances, drapes, rugs, electronics, door knobs, you name it!  The house, a multi-million dollar home more beautiful than anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime, is unbelievable, both inside and out.  The landscaping with the pool, the cabana, and the boat dock is lush and cooling.  Manatees and dolphin, and even a few sharks are known to visit the dock at the back of the property.  Otters have come into the yard and taken a swim in the pool.

Three large truckloads have been delivered to HFH, filled with the very generous and loving gift of this family.  We probably have one more day’s work to finish the job, then next week the contractor will arrive to begin the major remodel.  HFH will benefit greatly from this gift, and the landfills will not be piled high with more than perfectly good items which can be resold to help the next needy family.  The woman who now owns the home took our group picture today and asked if she could post it on Facebook to encourage her friends to join in a partnership with HFH just as she has.  Wow!  What a blessing!

It looks like our days here in Vero Beach will be pretty varied.  HFH has started a new program, Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative, which we will be taking part in later this week and for the next three weeks.  A neighborhood has been selected, and we will be going in and refreshing 50 homes, churches, schools, etc, during the month of March with the help from university students, each group coming for a week of volunteering.  I wish I could convey the excitement we all feel through words.  Hopefully, I’ll get set up with wifi pretty quick so I can include pictures with my messages.

I encourage you to find a HFH project near your home town, and get involved for just a day….you’ll be so grateful you did!

Moments of grace:  today I am grateful for generous homeowners, warm Florida days, and evenings spent with new and dear friends discussing the day’s events.  Happy hour has a whole new meaning!