Vero Beach, Florida is a lovely community, especially along the ocean front.  Our first week of the build for Habitat for Humanity (HFH) was really a reverse build!  We were invited to “deconstruct” two different homes, both multi-million dollar homes.  The owners are contracting for major remodeling and donated all usable items to HFH.  What a spectacular gift!  Deconstructions are becoming more popular, and I would venture to guess that part of the reason may be the popularity of the home remodeling shows on the Home Network.

We also spent one day prepping for the “Rock the Block” program.  Five universities around the country are sending students to help HFH on their spring breaks.  Tomorrow is the first day.  We will be working with sixteen students each week for five weeks…..the last week, there will be forty students.  Rock the Block is a program where fifty to eighty homes are selected in the same older run-down neighborhood, and all of them will be given a facelift in terms of paint, repairs, landscaping and the like.  Primarily, the work will be exterior for this particular program.  Critical issues will be handled as they come up and are discovered.

The weather has turned pretty warm and muggy with rain showers occasionally throughout the days.  A breeze always seems to be blowing to make the warmth more tolerable.  It will be interesting to see how the college kids do with the weather and a lot of painting!

On last Saturday I went to the Grant Seafood Festival and arranged to meet my cousin from Colombia and her family there…we have never met before.  She is slightly older than my own daughter and was born after we left Colombia.  What a joy to wrap her in my arms, knowing she is family.  We spent a wonderful, though drizzly, time at the festival, sampling seared tuna, shrimp, clam chowder, cotton candy, etc.  Many crafters had their wares for sale, and it was fun to see crafts very different from what I am used to seeing in California.

Moments of grace:  I am so grateful for the manner in which our Lords brings people,together, complete strangers, who immediately bond under a common cause, and together can move mountains!  Also for family, who can hug and instantly know that there is a special connection……and the laughter of children…..