Our second work week at Vero Beach was filled with students from the University of North Carolina – sixteen of them used their spring break to lend two hands apiece to Habitat for Humanity.  What great young people!  I don’t believe I have ever met a more personable group of young folks…..open, funny, bright, beautiful, and hard-working.

UNC students at Vero Beach
UNC students at Vero Beach
"Dugie" hard at work!
“Dugie” hard at work!

Working side by side with these young people was a real blessing.  These are our future doctors, teachers, sociologists, etc.  These students were given the opportunity to work in Habitat’s Restore as well.  The Restore is the retail center for building supplies, appliances, household goods, books, and so much more….all for wonderful prices and in great condition.  The items our team salvaged last week from the two decons have already being placed in the store and are moving rapidly.

Last week I mentioned how my choice to become a fulltime RVer is all about the people, and it is.  It only gets better and better!  A real perk when working on the homes, helping someone less fortunate make a step up in life, is meeting and sometimes working alongside the homeowners.  Their appreciation can only be measured in superlatives!  They can’t say enough kind things about the students and love visiting with them.  Fortunately more students are on the way and will continue for the next three to four weeks.  We understand the team from Wisconsin is having snow troubles, so we are not sure if they will make it or not.

One of our projects for this next week is another decon.  A local motel is changing ownership, and we have been invited to come in and salvage anything usable.  We don’t have the full details yet, but it could be pretty extensive.  I’ll give more details next post.

Moments of grace:  gratefulness for the enthusiasm and commitment of the young people from the University of North Carolina, for the continuing work of Habitat for Humanity, and for the blessed life I am now living!