Four very productive weeks are coming to an end in Vero Beach, and what wonderful weeks they have been!  This week alone we completed twelve houses in the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative, “A Brush with Kindness.”  We had lots of extra helping hands with the students from the Universities of Kentucky and Indiana….41 in all.  Because of so many generous young people we were able to split into three teams and, thus, complete three houses each day.  The neighborhood is looking up!

Today one of our homeowners prepared a huge lunch for the whole team, including all

the students. Baby back ribs, pulled pork, beans, and potato salad were on the menu, and we had all built up quite an appetite this morning.  We all sat out in the backyard under a huge Live Oak,……it was not easy getting back to work for the afternoon.

In the attached pictures, you can see my new toy, a bicycle.  How fun is that!  There are also a few pictures from the TACO Warbirds Air Show in Titusville last weekend.  I attended with my cousin and her family, who live in Titusville, and we had a marvelous time!  On Sunday morning we drove out to the Manatee Deck, and, yes!, we got to see quite a few of the gentle giants.

Today, I brought home a travel companion for me.  Meet Mojo!  This little guy is precious and so full of energy.  He is fifteen months old, cuddly, and funny.  I “rescued” him from the Halo 100% No Kill Animal Shelter in Sebastian, the next town over.  Mojo was surrendered to the shelter because his previous owners were moving and could not take him with them.  He has been at the shelter since the end of January, and, needless to say, bringing him home and walking him around the campground and neighborhood, was a very sensory experience for little Mojo.  Everything is new and must be examined.  All the different noises cause his radar ears to turn and perk up.  He loves sitting at my RV entry, looking through the screen door, watching the passing parade.  He takes very well to new people and hasn’t barked yet.  Very proud of this little guy!  He will get me out walking again, which I need.

My next move, early next week, is northward.  I hope to stay in Titusville for a few days, then head to St. Augustine to see an old school chum.  Following that, it’s back to Knoxville to pick up my sister and her hubbie, so we can head over to Shenandoah, Virginia for a few days.  By May 1, I will be at Pine Acres Family Campground, fifty miles from Boston for six months, working the retail shop and helping with activities and special events.  My little Joakim turns four mid April, so we will be lcelebrating his birthday the first weekend of May.

Moments of grace:  once again I am so grateful for the generous hearts of the college students who give their spring breaks to Habitat and work so hard.  May they be blessed tenfold as they complete their education and embark on the next life’s journey.  I’m also so very grateful that the right pup was found and has come to bless my life with companionship and lots of wiggles.  I am looking forward to long hikes with my new buddy.  And, as always, I am grateful for you……

I apologize for the placement and order of the pictures.  I can’t seem to figure out how to place them where I want them, and though I load them in the order I want, WordPress just does its own thing!