I pulled out of Fellsmere last Tuesday morning after six weeks of volunteering with Habitat – time for a rest before heading to Pine Acres Massachusetts for my summer workamper job.  Having located a 55+ Mobile and RV Park close to my cousin’s home, I chose Titusville for my next stop.  I should be here at least a week or ten days.

Last Sunday, cousin Jerry and his wife Beatriz stopped by the campground in Fellsmere, and we had a very nice visit and lunch at Marsh Landing.

Diz and Beatriz live in Miami, and as much as I would like to spend more time with them, it will have to wait for another trip.  Jerry (Diz) lived several years with my family in Mexico City when we were in high school; we share many wonderful, happy memories as he and I shared many of the same friends at that time.

Wonderful new friends with hearts of gold was the greatest benefit of the Habitat experience!  Below is a photo of our team the last two weeks.  My email box is always so happy to hear from these folks as we follow each other around the country.  Most are returning to their homes as they are not fulltimers.

Titusville is located within a stone’s through of the Kennedy Space Center so there is much to do around here, including many wildlife refuges and other parks and hiking trails.  On Wednesday morning, my cousin and the little girls picked me up for a strawberry picking adventure at Sledd’s u-pick farm.  Mariana and Victoria had almost as much fun as I did!  Blueberries should be ready before too long.

Little Mojo is so delightful and smart.  He has responded beautifully to being housebroken, has learned to sit, and is a great little companion.  Unfortunately all the parks and beaches allow service dogs only which is really frustrating.  I’m told there is a dog park not too far, so maybe we’ll go exploring.  He does get me out for several walks a day, which is primarily why I got him.  With my diabetes, I need to walk!

Guess what? Another first for me.  I recently purchased a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak on the recommendation of rving friends, and we had our maiden voyage on Fox Lake this morning.  It was a perfect morning, intermittent clouds, warm enough, and a very gentle breeze.  We joined a dozen other folks to kayak as a group birdwatching.  What a thrill!  Handling the Sea Eagle was a little more difficult than the hard-shell kayaks, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly.  As we paddled through the water lilies and other plant life, we spotted a few birds, including the Common Grackle, Egrets, Glossy Ibis, vultures and hawks.  We even ran up on a small alligator who was more afraid of us than we of him.

It was a pretty perfect morning until almost the end of the trip, re-crossing the widest expanse of the lake……the wind came up as a storm was brewing, and the gusts made it very difficult to paddle and make any headway.  That was especially true for me in an inflatable.  I would probably still be stuck in the marshes on the opposite side of the lake if it were not for an experienced staff guide coming to my rescue!  He conveniently had a tow rope, and the two of us made it back safely, though I was mighty tired and took a few moments to get my sea legs back.  Lesson learned!  Wide expanses of water and brisk winds do not bode well for inflatable kayaks and inexperienced old ladies!  Did I say “old?”  Shame on me, but that is how I felt about then…..

Moments of grace: I am so grateful for people who truly care about taking care of planet earth and are proactive in teaching others how and why it is so necessary.  And hurrah for tow ropes!

ps.  The creature photos are not my own.  Every time I would reach for the camera a gust of wind would blow me in the opposite direction, and it was truly impossible to focus on something as small as a bird or alligator.