Well, for a year now, I have been reading a wide variety of blogs about the RV life, and one subject seems to come up quite often:  Internet connection while on the road.  Yes, it can be almost non-existent, and here in Pine Acres, Oakham, MA, I am very frustrated!  It has definitely heavily tainted my goal to post weekly messages on Roots Rambler.  Some research on services and equipment is obviously in the near future.  I still intend to expand my blog to include information and research in genealogy, which was my primary goal when I named this site Roots Rambler, but not being able to easily get online and stay on reliably is hindering that.

Not knowing how long this connection will last, I will try to quickly post an update and a picture or three if possible.  Pine Acres is a family resort campground run by a wonderful four generation family.  Kim, the founder, rides the park in a golf cart making inspections and escorting guests to their sites.  He is a young 91 and is always seen wearing his WWII vets hat.  Kim’s son and wife now own and operate the park, while their daughters and son-in-law manage different areas.  The youngest, generation #4, is approaching seven months of age, and is really good at grinning and drooling….not much help with the books yet!

My work schedule thus far has been primarily weekends, as the campground is not open during the week until after Memorial Day.  I have been repeatedly warned that Memorial Day weekend will be crazy, crazy, crazy!  Mothers’ Day was fairly busy with several hundred campers.  I am working the general store and snack bar and it is a lot of fun!  Campers are great people!

Because of my free time on week days, I have been traveling to Arlington to visit my daughter and grandson.  I won’t be able to do that with any frequency after the holiday.  The first weekend, we celebrated Joakim’s fourth birthday at a neighborhood park.  Abuelita (that’s me!) made his birthday cake and other goodies.  Joakim had requested a Hot Wheels cake, so here it is:

While in Arlington, I was able to help my daughter with some gardening and giving her some time to visit friends while my grandson stayed with me.  Joakim also started T-Ball, which is a real hoot to watch……little four and five year olds chasing a ball with a mitt five times bigger than their little hands, then swinging at a ball, trying to get it on the field.  Such fun!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to do some exploring of this area this week.  I understand there is an old prison camp and hidden graveyard dating back to the very early 1900’s.

Moments of grace:  in spite of terrible Internet connection at times, I am very grateful for the Internet and this system of communication.  Keeping in touch with family and friends is so quick now.  I am also grateful for the companionship of a small dog, and the appreciation of a four year old little boy who loves to cuddle and read stories.  Blessings to all of you.