Well, it has most definitely been too long since I added to my blog, due in part to poor connections at the campground and in larger part to my being very tired at the end of my shifts…..BUT, the good news is that things are improving rapidly exponentially.  New wifi stations are going up, and the service is so much faster!  Hopefully, my blog will become more regular and will not depend on my traveling to see my daughter to get reliable service.  Thank you Pine Acres!  That’s a challenge for me to get writing….

As a fulltime RVer, it is not easy to come up with ideas for blog posts when one is not traveling, but is staying in one place serving as a workamper.  I continue to be so impressed with Pine Acres Family Resort in Oakham, MA.  Recommending this place to everyone is without question……it is beautiful, natural, friendly, well-run and maintained, services and activities are superb, water sports and fishing are abundant.  I hear compliments several times daily from both brand new campers and those more seasoned.  The word “unbelievable” is a frequent utterance.  I personally have never seen a nicer campground.  May I suggest you visit the website at pineacresresort.com?  Did I mention beautiful?  It is amazing!

There has been one big change in my working experience:  I am now very happily cooking for some of my shifts!  For those who know me, cooking is one activity I truly enjoy.  I have cooked for large crowds many many times.  Being a short-order cook is totally different.  This past Sunday was more than hectic with a very busy breakfast and lunch …..from pancakes and French toast to breakfast sandwiches and omelettes, from burgers and hot dogs to veggie wraps and shaved steak supreme sandwiches.  Meals for a crowd of one hundred are very different from 100 meals for individuals.  It reminds me of machine gun fire!  And, yes, I love it!

A few pictures are included, depicting different events.  The campground celebrated a carnival weekend and Christmas in July where the campground and the guests went all out with decorations.  I was invited to go blueberry picking at a beautiful berry farm, and we took the student from China with us – a totally new experience for Joey.  The second picture of Joey is his enjoyment of American ice cream (S’mores flavor)…..what a great smile!  Yulia and DIma are from the Ukraine, studying in Warsaw.  Emilia and Florin are from Romania.

Old Sturbridge Village is located about thirty minutes from Pine Acres, and Kim, the gentleman I interviewed earlier this season, expressed a desire to continue showing me points of interest in the area, so I was the lucky recipient of another historical tour.  The description from Wikipedia states,  “Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) is a living museum located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, in the United States, which re-creates life in rural New England during the 1790s through 1830s. It is the largest living museum in New England, covering more than 200 acres (80 hectares). The Village includes 59 antique buildings, three water-powered mills, and a working farm. The museum is a popular tourist and educational field trip destination. Costumed interpreters speaking in modern language help visitors understand 19th-century life.”  The central plaza was nice and shady on a warm humid day, and next month a civil war reenactment will occur on that plaza, as it does annually, with participants from around the country.  The display of old clocks, grandfather, mantle, wall, and otherwise, was magnificent and well worth a visit.

And then there are the children!  Our store has a large oversized folding camping chair which holds a very large teddy bear.  The children love that guy, and I have taken to photographing these little people being hugged by our store mascot.  Enjoy!

This week, I have been given three days off, so, I am picking up my four year old grandson, and we are going to Newport, Rhode Island….more on that in my next blog entry.  In the meantime, stay safe, and stay grateful.

Moments of grace:  there are times where routine is comforting.  My new lifestyle lends itself to exploration and movement……staying in one place for a while is what I am so grateful for today.  Though I am looking forward greatly to my next adventure, being here has allowed me to make some new friends and develop a wonderful connection with my youngest daughter and her little boy.  God is so good!