Three days off in a row – my opportunity to head for the coast! On Tuesday morning, I gathered up my young grandson, what belongings we might need and headed southeast. Destination: Newport/Middletown, Rhode Island. As we arrived at our motel the weather turned on us, and even though we did manage to get some pool time in, severe weather warnings chased us to the safety of our room, and we called it a night. Bright and early on Wednesday we headed out in search of First Beach (Easton’s Beach), which had been recommended to us.  With a stop at the very large and well stocked Visitor Center, we planned our day.  First order of business was an hour-long harbor cruise with several stops, including Fort Adams and Goat Island.

View of boats and shoreline mansions in Newport.
View of boats and shoreline mansions in Newport.

The beach is about 3/4 of a mile long with some of the finest white sand I have experienced.  The water was warm, unlike the West Coast, with plenty of area to just splash and cool down.  The red algae or seaweed was not especially pleasant, but my little guy and I enjoyed building a road with hills and gulleys for his monster jam truck.  We then headed back to the motel for some pool time.

Thursday morning, our goal was to find a kite for Joakim to fly – his first!  The wind levels felt pretty perfect, so we found a Walmart and purchased two kites for a dollar each and headed out to the beach again.  It wasn’t long before we spotted other kites in the air, so we joined them.  A child’s laughter is like good music, and set to squeals of delight, our little kite took off immediately.  What a precious moment for me to share with little Joakim.

Following our very successful kite-flying session, it was time to set out on the Cliff Walk.  Seeing some of the mansions in Newport is remarkable……some are more like castles!  The Cliff Walk itself is lovely as it nestles right between the ocean beaches and cliffs and the mansions.  Well worth a visit!

Soon it was time to head back to Arlington to return Joakim to his mother and for me to head back to Pine Acres.  Moments of grace:  I am so very grateful for nature’s beauty and the peace afforded me by visits to the ocean.  My little grandson was such a blessing on this excursion, and I see many trips in our future!