The summer has flown by, and with my working hours and the intensity of my jobs, writing slipped to a back burner.  There are only a few days left at Pine Acres for me, and what a trip this has been!  I’ve heard other RVers say it frequently, and I echo their sentiments:  it’s primarily the people you meet who create the special memories.  The Packard family at Pine Acres runs a tight ship and a marvelous one!  All the team members this summer have been incredibly warm, productive, and loyal.  They’ve been hungry, too, as I have fed them multiple times from the Country Store Snack Bar!

I will miss my fellow workers, but I will also miss many of the campers on site.  Weekenders, week-longs, and seasonals  were truly wonderful.  My jobs in the store, the snack bar, and the office brought me into close connections with most of our guests.  Just this past Sunday I said good-bye to a very special little man, Max, and his parents. Max is seven years old and as loving and affectionate as a child can be.  He is a bright little boy who has come to call me “Abuelita,” and calls himself my fifth grandson.  What a gift to me!

7-year old Max, my very special buddy!
7-year old Max, my very special buddy!

A few more side trips to mention.  Two days spent at Cape Cod, in the town of Provincetown.  Quaint, colorful, crowded, and right on the ocean.  A visit to the Pirate Museum on the pier was fascinating, and a tour of the dunes was exhilarating!    Lobster was on the menu one night, and simmered in a brandy sauce, it was more than delectable!

A carride into western Massachusetts with the goal of peeping at early color changes in the hills did not disappoint. I fell in love with Shelburne Falls, another quaint east coast town with a huge variety of art to offer.

After visiting a gourmet kitchen store (always a favorite for me), we strolled across the Bridge of Flowers, bursting with blooming dahlias, mums, and zinnias.  The local women’s club maintains the garden, and it is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Pine Acres now celebrates Halloween for the three weekends it is open in October.  I am amazed at the length to which guests go to decorate their sites and compete for prizes.  The park also puts up many decorations, so it is very festive around here.  Costume parades, trick or treating, and ghost stories all contribute to a very “”boo”tiful time for everyone.

This evening was spent at the TD Garden in Boston, soaking in Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus with my daughter, my grandson, my daughter’s close friend and her son.  My memories of the Greatest Show on Earth are quite different from what we experienced tonight.  I remember much more noise, excitement, music, thrills and chills……….maybe it’s different through the eyes of a child?  Regardless, a good time was had by all!

Time to say good night.  My next writing may be when I am back on the road.  My current plan is to work with Amazon in either Tennessee or Kentucky until Christmas, then, after relaxing for a week or two the first part of January, I am very excited to have Habitat for Humanity builds back on my schedule.  Unfortunately, a visit to California may end up being quite short, and I will not be bringing Kwincy.

Gratefulness overflows…..for family, for friends, both old and new, for the changing of the seasons, and for my health and strength, that I am still able to give my time and talent to worthy causes.