My stint at Pine Acres came to an end on Sunday, October 18. I spent the day clerking and cooking, then went outside to grill a thank you lunch for our seasonal campers. Along with a beautiful blue sky, crisp cool air, lots of guests, and the smell of hamburgers grilling, in came the snow, suddenly and unexpectedly! Life can be so interesting and hilariously funny, can’t it?

My first Workamper experience was fantastic. I only hope my next ones are equally good. My good Lord brought me here, and as usual, He knew what he was doing! On the 22nd, it was time for me to pack up Kwincy and hit the road again. After being parked for almost six months, I was a tad nervous about everything working properly.

Driving through Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and the Virginias, the fall colors were breathtaking in some areas and just past peak in others. That earlier snow kind of knocked some of the highlights down. This one tree at a rest stop in Connecticut speaks for itself…

Glorious Nature!
Glorious Nature!

Kwincy and Leon both behaved like champs, and on Saturday noon I pulled into the Raccoon Valley RV park in Knoxville, TN.  The next two weeks were spent with my sister and her family while I had Leon and Kwincy worked on.  Kwincy needed some cosmetic damage repair from my accident in Maryland last April, and I decided to add tire monitors to both vehicles, using the tips I earned this summer while cooking and clerking.  Leon is now equipped with a monitor which wirelessly tracks the pressures and temperatures on all eight tires.  Modern technology is amazing!

While in Knoxville, Joan, Bill, and I took a side trip to the Hidden Caverns.  Along the route we stumbled upon this old waterwheel and mill.  Photographs were not permitted in the caves, but suffice it to say, they are worth a visit!

On Saturday, November 7, Kwincy, Leon, Mojo, and I drove 3.5 hours to Campbellsville, Ky.  The campground where we are stationed for the next seven weeks is nothing like Pine Acres.  We are on uneven gravel, bumper to bumper with other rigs.  We do have full hook-ups, cable, and wifi, so all is good!  Why Campbellsville?  I am now a member of CamperForce, my second Workamper experience…….working for  Today I completed my second day on the job.  Yesterday was orientation and safety training, and today we were on the floor learning about our specific jobs.  I have been assigned as a “picker” for four ten-hour shifts.  My job is to wheel a cart around with a hand-held scanner, loading items to fill customer orders.

Here is where the title of this blog message comes in.  Amazon is an amazing company.  This one site is huge, huge, huge!  Pickers are known to walk fifteen miles every shift just in the one warehouse.  My mind is boggled by the size and organization, and I am truly amazed at how efficiently the system works.  The people here are wonderful.  This week, we newbies will be working five hour shifts to allow our feet and legs to become accustomed to walking on cement floors for so many hours at a time.  Breaks and lunch are the only times to sit and get off your feet.  Next week we go to ten and eleven-hour shifts.  Obviously with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, we are at ‘peak,” and the orders are pouring in!  December 23 will be the last day, and I will be headed south.  Currently, I expect to be in California for two weeks starting the first week of January.  The rigs will remain behind, while I fly out to see Mom, my daughter and her family.

Today I am grateful for great Workamper employers and fellow workampers, but mostly, in honor of Veterans’ Day, I am so grateful for the men and women who put their lives on the line for me and for you.  For me, so that I have the freedom to travel this beautiful country of ours at will.  We are so blessed in America – we must never take it for granted!

My wish for this Thanksgiving is that each of us becomes fully aware of what it is to be blessed, that we stop to appreciate the little things in life, and that we focus our attention and time on relationships, not stuff!  God bless you, dear friends and family – stay well!