That is not a typo…….it is exactly how I feel after one year on the road.  It doesn’t seem possible, but, yes, it has been a year….and it has been GREAT!  Before I go on, I do want to wish each of you a spectacular Thanksgiving – one filled with mega blessings in the form of family and friends.  Turkey Day is made special because of the gatherings.  Kudos to those companies who are going dark on Black Friday to encourage outdoor activities!  The great outdoors offers boundary-less excitement.  Enjoy it!

To catch up from my last post – I arrived in Campbellsville, KY safely, a day and a half before training at Amazon.  The first week was spent training and acclimating our feet and legs for five hours shifts daily.  The second week fell immediately into the regular grind – four ten-hour shifts and a fifth day of overtime.

“Peak” began this past Sunday.  Peak is when the schedule becomes relentless, and so do the miles covered.  Yesterday, I walked 10.2 miles, nearly 24,000 steps!  I’m told we may do 15-18 miles, though I don’t see how, unless we start the eleven hour days, which CamperForce (that’s us) is not required to do at this time.  Until yesterday, I had averaged eight miles a day.

My job at Amazon in being a “Picker.”  We are guided by our hand-held scanners that tell us where to go and what to pick.  We push handcarts and use bright yellow plastic totes to place the items in.  Once the “pick” is complete, we place the totes on conveyor belts and off they go.  The items are all stowed in bins- four floors, multiple pods, and miles and miles of shelving.  You can just imagine how organized Amazon has to be!  The exact same item may be stowed in eighty (give or take a few) different locations, with no rhyme or reason, but the scanner knows where to find them.  Missing items seldom happen.  The stowers simply look for available space to stow the shipped in items.

Moments of grace:  I am so grateful for greatfulness!  My Lord has equipped me with all that I need for this wonderful lifestyle……equipment, jobs, family, friends, fellow bloggers, and a great little companion.  Here is Mojo sporting a new sweater – oh, so handsome!


Thank you, dear ones, for following my messages and supporting me in ways you do not even know!  My love to you on Thanksgiving!