Back in California after sixteen months!  My first year on the road was wonderful and has filled me with excited anticipation for the next.  As last year, the year will start where my heart is – giving back through Habitat for Humanity.  Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas will be my stops into April, then I will bring Kwincy up the west coast to my summer and early fall Workamper position.  Mojo has become quite the little traveler.  My little Florida boy doesn’t quite know what has hit him lately, what with plane rides, new faces, new smells, etc, he’s a little discombobulated.

Mojo staying warm

My trip from Campbellsville, KY to New Orleans, LA, was a bit more eventful and $$$ than I ever expected.  My start was delayed because Kwincy’s wash and wax was not quite finished, Leon’s exhaust system required full service, I lost the door to my water heater compartment on the highway, the tow truck operator from the Dodge dealership who was helping me rehitch, pushed Kwincy off the blocks, and she came crashing down onto her jacks full force, then I got stuck in the mud at the campground near New Orleans.  But, you know what?   The Lord provides, and He came through in every case.  A Dodge dealer was located four miles from where my exhaust system cried out, and there was a large camping supply store just five miles out of my way, and they happened to have the exact compartment door in stock!  The tow truck driver and a I were able to lift Kwincy again with the use of hydraulic jacks given to me by my brother-in-law.  The campground was so sweet to pull out their tractor and pull Kwincy and Leon out of the mud. Unfortunately when we pulled Kwincy into the storage area, the jacks no longer worked (effect from the fall), but the campground maintenance super knew what to do and got Kwincy leveled and stored.  He is going to work on her jacks while I’m away. It’s all about grace.  My Amazon job provided the funds I needed to get everything rolling again, and although things will be pretty tight until a paid position for the summer begins, Mojo and I don’t require a lot!

The very best part of returning to California is holding my daughter and grand boys in my arms again!  Calvin, Isaak, and Nathan have grown so much.  Being with Mom for a few days is beyond words.  At 95, she is such an inspiration!  The next few days will be spent touching bases with friends in Modesto, Livermore, and Fremont.  Several lunches are set up, and it will be so much fun to swap stories and catch up on families.  My sister, niece, and two grand nieces arrive tomorrow for a visit with Mom, and I will be headed back to the Bay Area to see my daughter and her family again.

Moments of grace:  I never tire of being grateful for family and friends.  I am also grateful for safe travel and convenient solutions to issues as they arise!  So many blessings in my life.