Can you ever go home again?

As a fulltime RVer driving a fifth wheel around the country, what do I call home? I am currently on a flight returning to New Orleans following a three-week visit to the Bay Area in California. This was my home for 48 years. The visit was wonderful and seeing my family and close friends after being away for 16 months was beyond wonderful, but, guess what? Kwincy is my domicile now, no matter where she is parked. She feels like home, looks like home, sounds like home, smells like home, and is my shelter. I’m so glad to be heading her way!


We celebrated a couple of birthdays during my time in California. My oldest grandson turns 14 today (we fested all 6’2″ of him Monday evening), and Mom will be 95 years young on February 10. This family is so blessed to have Mom in such wonderful condition. She still is able to live on her own, with my youngest sister checking on her almost daily. Mom cooks, gardens, reads, emails, facebooks, and is a crossword whizz and fanatic. She is truly amazing and as sharp as ever. Her current project is sorting and organizing a stack of family photographs as high as her living room. Each of us kids will be receiving a box of cherished photos once they have all been scanned and put on CD. And guess who is doing the scanning? Mom!

One very special trip made with my sister, her daughter, and her daughters was to the Culinary Institute of America in Napa.  It is now housed in what used to be the old Christian Brothers Winery and is truly spectacular!  My niece and her girls are very much into cooking, so the whole trip, including the cooking demonstration, was top notch and much appreciated.  The samples weren’t too bad either.

Once I retrieve my truck and RV, I will be driving to Thibodaux, Louisiana, to lead a team for Habitat for Humanity renovations. So far, we have a small team, just seven of us Care-A-Vanners, but it is still thrilling to be getting back to giving back! We were just notified that the construction site will be shut down for the Mardi Gras parade on February 8 & 9, so we may head there. This is a first visit to New Orleans for me, and I am anxious to explore.

So, can you ever go home again once you have left? There are cliches regarding home…….it’s where the heart is, home sweet home, etc, but what really makes a home? For me, it’s warmth, comfort, unconditional love, security.  All of these are feelings, not sticks and bricks, and feelings can be felt and expressed anywhere.

Moments of grace: thankfulness for the times spent with close family members and dear friends ……. time spent soaking in the sermon and bible study by my Pastor, a very gifted, blessed man ……… time spent celebrating two very special birthdays …….. time spent being grateful for the much-needed rain in California …… and gratefulness for understanding that home is in my heart.

PS:  It is now a few days later, and I am in Berwick, LA, deep in Cajun Country, joining teammates as they arrive for the build.  This a a great park with gravel sites and a zillion cypress trees festooned with streamers of Spanish moss.  The sunrises and sunsets seen through the wispy moss are spectacular!  Cypress Lake is a stone’s throw from my site and so is the resident alligator.  I do hope to catch both a glimpse and a photo of him!