Jambalaya!  The word just congers up festivity and joy when I see it; it sounds like a party’s going on!

Jambalaya & Pulled Pork

The Habitat team was treated to some excellent Jambalaya and barbecue pork for lunch at the Covington LA build courtesy of a gentleman from the community who just loves to cook for Habitat volunteers once a month.  I was lucky and got to pick his brain for his recipe, taking notes while he ran through his process a step at a time.  The foundation:  boiled crawfish heads and skins.  Yum!

Below are a few images from Mardi Gras which I promised earlier. Berwick held its Men’s Crewe Parade on Friday evening, and though it was a small town parade, the flavor of Mardi Gras was ever present!

Larry and Betty, new friends I met while working at Amazon this past Christmas accepted my invitation to give Habitat a try.  I then was the lucky recipient of a private tour of New Orleans.  Larry was born and raised in N’awlins and had many stories to share, including stories about Katrina.  Crawfish Etouffe was on the lunch menu for me, and boy, was it good!

Lastly, a few pictures of a little fellow we met along the highway each day as we returned to camp from the build.  I know next to nothing about armadillos, but I wasn’t opposed to quickly pulling off on the shoulder of the highway to expand my knowledge!

And so, a few little tidbits as I try to catch up on the past two months of a silent blog.  Hopefully, better wifi connections are in my future!

Moments of grace:  always grateful for new friends.  Those met through Habitat share a very special bond, regardless of background or current homebase – we all commonly serve a loving Lord and Savior and share that passion with others who are somewhat less fortunate than we are.  Thank you, Lord, for giving me a heart to share and care.