What the caterpillar considers the end of the world, God calls a butterfly.

Born and raised a Roman Catholic, and living in Colombia, South America, for the first fifteen years of my life, my faithwalk has taken several twists and turns on the road of life. As a child, my religious practices were determined by my parents and my father’s very large Hispanic family. When I left home for the first time to attend Holy Names College in Oakland, CA, my religious practices became my own choice. Being in a Catholic college, of course, had some influence upon me, as was the hope of my parents.

After my two girls were born, and they began to question, I, too, pulled away from the church and spent years without a formal religious practice. In the early 1990s, I gave into my feelings of emptiness and longing. I sought out a small Presbyterian church near where I was living, and even though the guilt I felt for attending a church other than Catholic nearly crippled me, I pushed forward, and with the help of the Presbyterian Pastor and the local Catholic Priest, I became comfortable with my new church family and small groups.

I have not returned to the Catholic church, much to the dismay of some family members, but I have found true JOY in my participation with both the Presbyterian and Lutheran churches. Through studying His Word, I have learned to be myself and that the Lord accepts me for who I am, faults and all. You cannot put a price on that. Our Lord paid the ultimate price, and I, a sinner, am the beneficiary. What a deal!

My Lord goes through each day with me, even as I am driving across the country. I consult with Him about locations and all decisions. Many have commented on how courageous or brave I am to take on my RV journey by myself. It is not courage; it is faith and trust. I can do all things through Him.