Hosting at Sand Dollar Beach on the Big Sur Coast is my second Workamper job.  Last summer at Pine Acres in Oakham, MA is going to be pretty hard to beat, but the California coast is pretty spectacular.  Given that, and the fact that my new position starts at 10 a.m. in the morning, it’s a good life!  Today is my fourth day on the job, and though it’s not very active, I am enjoying being a ten minute walk from my rig, and the whales, migrating north, are showing off their spouts and slapping their tails.  I’m meeting wonderful people once again, and Mojo is having a ball digging for moles or gophers or whatever the little creatures are.  I’ve had several guests ask me how I landed this cushy, beautiful job, and all I can say is “Someone’s gotta do it!”

Sand Dollar Beach is the largest sandy beach along the Big Sur coast.  It is at the foot of the dramatic Pacific Valley cliffs, and jade rocks are plentiful.  Because of the

high cliffs, Sand Dollar Beach is protected from the winds that can frequent the area.  There are several trails to hike, some along the bluffs, all within several miles, but the big red flag this year is the abundance of poison oak and ticks.

Sand Dollar Beach, Big Sur Coast, California

Plaskett Creek Campground, across Highway 1 and not quite a quarter mile south, is situated in the Los Padres National Forest and is where Mojo and I are parked for the summer and until the end of October.  We are almost halfway between Monterey and San Luis Obispo, sixty five miles each way.  San Simeon is about 35 miles south.
I am parked with other staff members in the working area of the grounds, so it’s not so grassy and picturesque, but it is really quiet and just a few steps for a view of the Pacific Ocean.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my days off, so tomorrow I am headed south to find fuel for Leon and groceries for myself.  We will most likely drive to the other sites Parks Management Company manages to familiarize ourselves with them, and then catch a nap or two.  Again, life is good!

Update:  Memorial Weekend was quite busy, so much so that I had to close the beach parking lot for a while and turn people away.  Highway turnoff parking was crowded, too.  The entire weekend was foggy and quite cool.  I think we saw the sunshine for about 20 minutes on Sunday.

Moments of grace:  to be placed in one of the most beautiful spots in the world with new friends and a faithful companion, it doesn’t get much better.  Thanks again for following!