Every Christian is asked at one time or another what his or her belief is based on and why one believes in something that isso intangible, cannot be seen and, seemingly, less proven.  Please allow me to share a few of my thoughts and deep feelings on the matter of my faith.

As I sit here on the Big Sur Coast, at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, I have ample opportunity to contemplate the vastness and minuteness of all that nature comprises, of my Father’s creation.  And I ask myself, how can one not believe in a greater power, a supreme intelligence, who creates such beauty and complexity?

I see my God everywhere I turn – in the majesty of the mountains, the strength of the oceans, the flight of the birds, and the whisper of the breezes.  The minute details are orchestrated to the finest degree.  A Big Bang event does not create an eye that can wondrously see all that He has provided and the emotions to respond to that stimuli.

Yet, beyond experiencing the marvels of nature, my personal well-being (physical, mental, spiritual) is totally dependent on my believing in the Master Creator.  When I first truly believed and made a conscious choice, I was changed.  I now knew I was loved, accepted, and forgiven, regardless of what others thought of me – friends, family, or complete strangers.  I am loved unconditionally … No ifs, ands, or buts.  It just is.  My Lord died for me!

Being accepted unconditionally provides a sense of peace and freedom that is almost unexplainable.  Believing in a risen Lord fills my earthly life with hope.  I owe nothing for the phenomenal sacrifice made on my behalf.  Good works are not tallied for credit, yet, because I am His daughter, it is my desire to please Him, which may result in good works, but that is my free-will choice, not His requirement.  That is Grace and why I end most of my posts with “Moments of Grace.”

Being at the receiving end of my Lord’s generosity, with no demands on me; that’s amazing grace!

He died and rose for me!

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of your humanity, your brutal sacrifice on my behalf, and the promise of eternal happiness by your side.