Resignation to the fact that I will not be able to blog as frequently as I would like is finally in order, for the time-being.  Without cell service on the Big Sur Coast, I am unable to access my wordpress account using two-step verification, which I want for security purposes.  So, until the end of October, posting will be done as often as possible when cell service and wifi are available at the same time.  Today’s posting required a second trip to Cambria in two days.  Hwy 1 is beyond gorgeous, but not my favorite road to travel re safety.  Some of my updates will be short snippets on my Facebook page in between the larger posts.

My latest trip to the Bay Area was very special as my eldest grandson, Calvin, graduated from middle school and is soon off to high school.  Where does the time go???  I’m sure all of you with grandkids have said that before!  Isaak, number two grandson, graduated into middle school.  A fun two days!  I would really enjoy having a good picture of me with my boys, so I thought you might enjoy these:

Can 3 brothers in the same picture ever be serious?!?

My plans have now been made through March of 2017!  Following my departure from Big Sur at the end of October, I will be off to Hobbs, New Mexico to lead two builds for Habitat for Humanity from Thanksgiving to almost Christmas.  Then, on Janury 1 I will be starting to teach Spanish classes for three months at Cal Am Resorts in Mesa, Arizona.  I am beginning to prep now as we have been given full creative license on format and content.  This should be a lot of fun!

Fathers’ Day was a busy one at the beach as you would expect, especially when the weather is clear and in the eighties!  A belated greeting to all fathers out there and those remembered with great affection, my own included.  Dad will always be my hero.  A more affectionate, caring individual does not exist, and one with an incredible deep faith in the Lord.  I miss you, Dad, every day!

A very young “Papi.”

Moments of grace:  my gratefulness overflows when I think about the men in my life.  My precious father who smiles down from Heaven every day, my brother who is an incredible father and grandfather, and my energetic, goofy grandsons, who I adore!  God bless each of you.