With Kwincy (my RV) in storage, following my departure from the Big Sur summer position, I have now had lots of time to play with a hobby I am passionate about – Genealogy!  Downsizing all my records and digitizing as much as possible is a huge task.  The records I have accumulated over 45 years of genealogy research simply weigh too much for my current lifestyle – fulltime RVing.  I do have a dilemma and would appreciate opinions from experienced bloggers.  Rootsrambler was the domain name I chose originally when thinking about doing genealogy on the road as I traveled the U.S.  It has definitely become more of a travel and work journal, and now I want to make the genealogy part more prominent.

Currently the genealogy portion is a tab (category) on the home page.  I like the thought of keeping all my writings in one place under different tabs, but is this good enough to get followers for the genealogy portion, or should I have a dedicated site just for that?  Genealogy covers a tremendous amount of topics, and with all my research, that tab alone could keep me fully busy.  Until I am convinced differently, I will leave things as they are and give it a try.

The Ridley line, that of my mother’s family, has definitely had the hours and years put in!  The reason for that is a Giant Brick Wall.  The brick wall is my grandfather, Edward J. Ridley.  He was a very quiet, gentle man, according to Mom, and I am going to add “secretive.”  He fathered eight children, six with my grandmother and two from a previous marriage.  He was born in New York City in 1866, or was it 1874, or 1883, or 1869, or??????  He listed his age differently on every document in my possession:  every birth certificate for each of his children, his marriage certificates, etc.  Well, more on all of this in a separate blog entry.

Mother is the last living relative on either side of the family who could shed light on any clues.  At 95 years young, and with a very sharp mind,  she has worked side by side with me on this project, and together we have gotten no further than “family heresay.”  Yes, I have uncovered, and still continue to uncover, many details and facts about the Edward A. Ridley family in New York City who founded the Ridley & Sons Department Store.  That clue came only by word of mouth from my mother and her brothers and sisters, while they were still living.

Edward A. Ridley, my 2nd Great Grandfather?
Edward A. Ridley, my 2nd Great Grandfather?

All the research on Edward A. Ridley and his descendants (and ancestors) feels right.  A prominent New York story of murder and intrigue in the family matches up, pictures (in my estimation) resemble relatives I am familiar with, and my gut tells me this is the right family . . . BUT, I have zero legal documentation of any connection to this family.  What to do?  That, too, is the subject of another blog post.

Maybe I have peeked your interest?  If so, please drop me a comment.  I would love to hear from you. Happy digging and connecting!