This has been the summer of ups and downs.  Leaving the workamper position at Sand Dollar Beach, Big Sur, was a difficult, but necessary decision. My summer since then has been relatively quiet, but certainly not lazy! I did not contract for another workamper position, so I decided to stay with Mom in Modesto and use my time to visit family and friends, who I miss while on the road.

Francois Victor Dugand, my great grandfather

Many, many hours have been devoted to two (actually 3) favorite activities. I have had the time to put into my genealogy files and have secured a new domain for that endeavor. It is not up and running yet, but soon I will be blogging and sharing on Genealogy has been a big part of my life for almost forty years. I have been to Salt Lake City for research on two extended trips and in 2015, I visited several locations in the New York City area family-related. My dream for the genealogy blog and site is to share family stories and photos, discuss research issues, and offer my services to others who may be interested in some help. As I am on the road fulltime, I would love to stop in different cities, locating properties, graveyards, city halls, etc. to help others uncover and/or document family facts.

The second activity is the launch of my Come-Along Kids™2016 website and online store. When I packed up and began my RV journey two years ago, I had left a large box in Mom’s garage containing the Come-Along Kids which remained from nearly 20 years ago, after a divorce left me in shambles, and my small business got put away. With time on my hands this summer, I decided to revive the “Kids.” cak-logoI will remodel the interior of my rig to accommodate a work table and storage cabinets so that I can produce these wooden paper dolls again on the road. Participating in street fairs, festivals, and flea markets around the country really appeals to me. I will be able to add a few dollars to help with expenses when I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, and maybe I won’t ever have to clean public vault toilets again!  Such a dream!  Please take a look at my site and leave me a comment.  I would so very much appreciate your feedback.  Thank you friends!  You can find the Kids at By the way, everything you see is designed and produced by yours truly.  I’ve always loved arts and crafts!

The third activity mentioned above is geocaching. My interest was peaked a few years ago when I wrote an article for the employee newsletter at the hospital where I was working. I was doing some spotlight interviews of employees, and one lovely lady introduced me to geocaching. After a few searches this summer with my daughter and grandsons, I am hooked! I think it’s a lot more fun to do with someone else, so don’t be surprised if I pop the question someday when we next meet, “Wanna go caching?” It is mind-boggling how many caches there are all over the world and right in your own neighborhood. Geocaching is a whole new learning experience, including the lingo, rules, and wonderful new friends.

This week I will be traveling by car with family (Kwincy will remain in storage) to Kalama, Washington to help my niece celebrate the opening of her children’s clothing, toys, and furniture store. This is one proud Auntie. Shawn and her husband Andy have created an amazing store, complete with consignments, classes, guest speakers, and more. Shawn will be carrying  Come-Along Kids™2016 at her shop. The Open House is this coming Thursday. Wish us luck, and please check out Shawn’s shop at

Thanks again dear friends and family as you have allowed me to reinvade your space for the summer. I obviously am suffering from hitch itch and am anxious to get back on the road.  Habitat for Humanity is on the schedule for November and December in Hobbs, New Mexico, then I will be teaching Spanish to snowbirds from Canada and the USA in Mesa Arizona at eight different Cal-Am Resorts. Care to join me?  Habla usted español? Let’s get started! Vámonos a la clase para aprender con Patricia.

Moments of Grace:  thankfulness for a blessed summer being given the opportunity to devote time and effort to loved activities and visiting family and friends.  It has been a challenging summer as well, but as usual, my Lord provides for my every need.  He’s always there, regardless of how quiet and reserved I may be.  Thank you, Father!