Hitch itch has got the best of me! So happy to be back on my journey beginning tomorrow morning. After spending some great time with Mom, my sister, my daughter and grandkids, it’s time to be back to rolling across the miles, absorbing all the beauty this country has to offer. Thank you to friends who broke bread with me several times, and just plain chewed the fat for hours on end. How fun to connect again!

One wonderful weekend was spent at Point Reyes National Seashore with my daughter and her three boys so they could see how “Abuelita” lives in her RV. It was fun to hear each of the boys want to live in an RV someday. Though it was a very rainy weekend, we made the most of the dry moments, getting in a nice walk on the beach, which Mojo also relished greatly! The weekend was made special as it was Nathan’s ninth birthday.

Nathan and Abuelita with a birthday hug!

Much of my summer was spent preparing Spanish manuals for the classes I will be teaching in Mesa, Arizona the first quarter of 2017. I’m really looking forward to that time and have been in touch with several of the snowbird students wanting to develop some facility with the language. Surprising was the tremendous effort it took to put my manuals together – wow!

My other big project this summer was bringing back my “Come-Along Kids.” I will be taking these wooden paper dolls on the road with me, hoping to participate in a few street fairs, flea markets, wherever I am led. My sister helped me build a storage cabinet work center for the tools and products needed for this project, so one of my recliner chairs found a new home to make room for the work station. Come-Along Kids can be found at their own web home (Come-AlongKids.com) and on Etsy.

A quick trip up to Kalama, WA with my sis to celebrate the grand-opening of the new children’s shop, River Rock Kids, was ever so special, as the owner and chief operator of this beautiful shop is my niece, Shawn Marie. This Aunt was so impressed by the business sense this young lady has shown. A businesswoman and a terrific Mommy all in one package. What a treat to spend a few days with Shawn and her family.

Precious little Willow Marie, my great niece.

Now it’s back to my heart’s work: Habitat for Humanity. Tomorrow morning I pull away from Mom’s curb bright and early and head out to Hobbs, New Mexico. I should arrive on Saturday afternoon and will stay there leading two teams until December 18. There’s some talk of a “key ceremony” in the not too distant future – the turning over of the keys to the completed house to the proud owners. I’ve not had the privilege of participating in a key ceremony yet, and it promises to be a very emotional, warm event. Can’t wait!

It goes without saying how far from charming this 2016 Presiedential race was! I personally was embarrassed for our nation, the candidates and the coverage (or lack of, or enhancement of) by the media…..and now by the aftermath by a large segment of our population that cannot accept the results graciously. This country is founded on a constitution that works. Violence does not promote healing. Enough said. My prayer is for healing for this nation. God bless America, and God Bless President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence. May they be humble and committed to what is best for our country.

What will 2017 hold for Kwincy, León, Mojo, and Pat?  Quién sabe? At the moment I am considering heading north for next summer – points between Michigan and South Dakota? That is the real beauty of this lifestyle. Something may come up between now and then that draws me elsewhere. For now my friends and family, I wish you joy as you sit around the Thanksgiving table with loved ones. Treasure every moment.

Moments of grace: so grateful for the times spent with family and friends this summer. The Lord generously blessed a restored relationship with one family member, for which I am eternally grateful. Words fail me in trying to express how special this is. Thank you, Father!