Now, the wildflowers are blooming! My weekly drives out to the different resorts have become quite colorful, but I’m told it doesn’t last long. With the heat wave we’ve had the past week, I would not doubt that at all. We’ve been hovering around low nineties. It is expected to return to normal temps for this time of year next week.

The Spanish classes here in Mesa are winding down…..only two more classes at each of the eight resorts. To celebrate we have scheduled a fiesta for next Thursday evening, and I’m delighted to have secured a live Mariachi Band for the occasion! Ole! How fun will that be? I have truly enjoyed this teaching experience and look forward to returning in the Fall to do more of the same. The number of required work hours is less for the fall, so I will have some more free time to go exploring. Even a few return trips to some of the places already visited will be in order.

Back to a few weeks ago when my daughter, Karyn, and grandson, Joakim, came for a visit. Though the weather was quite a bit cooler than it is now, that did not stop us from hitting the pool on most days, followed by the hot tub. Karyn and Joakim were in 7th heaven, or close to! Mango Margaritas aren’t half-bad either!

A visit to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix was amazing. We only had time to cover one trail, and it definitely left us with the desire to return. The grounds are beautiful and the little critters so entertaining. My little Joakim was engrossed in smashing seed pods “like the Indians did,” and would have been happy to spend the entire time there. Little squirrels, gophers(?) and rabbits approached him to eat up what he was crushing.


On another long day we took the beautiful drive to Sedona. What a wonderful city to explore!  Arizona red everywhere, in the hills, on the ground, in the buildings. Such a treasure. It was quite chilly that day so we didn’t get much hiking in.

As I posted on Facebook previously, Joakim mastered the two-wheeler during his visit to see Abuelita. The resort is the perfect place to learn with wide flat streets and a Mommy and Abuelita wiling to chase you and catch you until you finally, all of a sudden “get it!”  And got it, he did.

Another highlight of the visit was an opportunity to meet my cousin’s daughter and her family. Ceci lives close-by, so we had them meet us at Organ Stop Pizza for dinner. Pizza was great and the organ was great fun, but it was also loud and probably this restaurant was not the best choice to meet family members for the first time and hope to have any kind of conversation. My bad call. Yet, family is family, and Ceci is just as beautiful as I remember her mother being. Fond memories of life in Colombia.


Moments of grace: a recurring theme is the love of family and gratefulness for them. Family is such a blessing, whether near or far, and yes, gratefulness for Facebook which has brought me together with many of my Colombian roots. Thank you, Lord!