Change is not always easy. It can be stepping into a wonderful new venture or making a heartbreaking decision. I am caught in an emotional vortex with so many circumstances contributing to the spinning and upheavals. Two and a half years ago, I joined up with my Kwincy and Leon to begin my life on the road. It has been an amazing time covering nearly 30,000 miles, 19 states, and countless wonderful people. It has been a time of exhilaration, exhaustion, anxiety, and joy. I have said I would not trade it for anything, but now even that sentiment has been provoked.

My last three weeks in Mesa, Arizona were quite problematic healthwise for me. After having had a deep squamous cell cancer removed surgically from my lower thigh in March, additional disturbing symptoms and fatigue led to diagnoses of other possible cancers. Being far away from family, and not wanting to worry them without a sure answer, I chose to travel the road of many tests on my own. On May 10 I flew to Knoxville to be with my sister and to undergo even more tests. The bottom line is that the results of all tests were good and ruled out the dreaded C. Yes, there are a few issues, but they are treatable and non life-threatening. Praise the Lord!

Reevaluating my life style and admitting to myself that handling a 34′ fifth wheel on my own at my age is not easy and comes with many of its own challenges, I have made the decision to sell Kwincy and Leon, return to California to spend time with my mother, who is now 96 years old, and regroup as far as the type of RV would be best for me when I do return to the road. My priority right now is family.

This passed Tuesday morning, Kwincy was picked up by a transport company to drive her to a consignment lot for RVs. Sadness was overwhelming, yet, at the same time, I knew my decision to spend time with my mother was not only a gift to myself, but a gift to my brother and sisters in the form of peace of mind. I left Mesa at 8:20 a.m. and pulled up to the curb at Mom’s place in Modesto, CA at 11:20 p.m. – 15 hours with short breaks for little Mojo and me to stretch our legs.

Life on the road is on hold for now. I have been invited back to Mesa to teach another season of Spanish starting in November. I do hope to do that. In the meantime, my blog will change its focus to my genealogy endeavors. My “Come Along Kids” project will grow as I build inventory for the Christmas season.

Moments of grace: gratefulness to a God who is always there, during both the good and not so good times. Gratefulness to friends and family that have fervently supported me these passed few years. Gratefulness for good health. Gratefulness for a beautiful mother who continues to live with hope for her children. Thank you, Lord!