What is becoming of our beloved America? This nation is crumbling to pieces due to abandoned morals, distorted values, and exaggerated feelings of entitlement. It is fueled by political correctness and a media profoundly exacerbating the issues by playing the blame game at every turn. Journalism is no longer journalism. It has become generating controversy for the sake of the almighty dollar and ratings. There is no concern in the very least for who or what is destroyed or maimed. It is revenge at all costs.

Entitlement is really ugly. It’s at the heart of evil movements, including white supremacy, white nationalism, Naziism, prejudice, racism, or any movement which uses the color of skin in its name. How is it that a minority of the population is so successful at disrupting and creating chaos? When has violence become the solution? When did hate win?

Our President condemned the Charlottesville violence and hatred on all sides. That perfectly true statement has been met with the most disgusting barrage of lies, insults, and threats from “all sides.” The reactions from the press, from senators and congressmen from “all sides,” is appalling. We don’t need to be concerned about North Korea sending missiles our way; we are going to destroy ourselves first.

There is no accountability. The sad truth is that even our representatives of the law, those who are supposed to enforce the law, are intimidated by those who are supposed to uphold the law. Standing down in the wake of obvious potential violence is happening much too often. Elected officials no longer feel obligated to be faithful to their constituents, to those who put them in office. The platforms they ran on are meaningless. They no longer have the guts to stand for their convictions.

We, as the voters, must scream out our disgust at the ballot box. As consumers, we must scream out our disgust at the retailers, manufacturers, and advertisers who choose to support causes contrary to our beliefs. As participants, we must shout out our disgust at the entertainment industry and sporting venues that fail to deliver wholesome entertainment and choose to use their “celebrity” to make political statements which are disrespectful and stir up unrest. As citizens, we must scream out our disgust at the thugs destroying our America by inundating our elected officials with letters and phone calls expressing our fears. Those same elected officials may be turncoats, but if they receive enough complaints through intelligent, thoughtful appeals, they will have to listen. Threaten to remove your support.

Freedom is what has made this country great. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom from the threats many other parts of the world face on a daily basis. Freedom and legality are close collaborators. Without laws to govern both citizens and non-citizens, chaos ensues. There is no room for bigotry and hatred in a thriving country.

Major disasters in the past have united this country, yet, this time, the national disaster of watching our United States of America crumble, is not uniting, but dividing. Recklessly tearing down historical icons serves no purpose other than to generate further feelings of violence and/or grief. The struggle for personal gratification is the means to the end. Statues are not the only things coming down – it’s our freedom.

Please, stop the insanity! Pray like you’ve never prayed before. Ask our Father to intervene, to restore peace and common sense to a population that is surrendering to Satan. Don’t let Satan win. Don’t let hate win