Rambling the backroads of the USA in search of roots


imageRootsRambler is a site dedicated to journeys on the backroads (and highways) of this country in search of family roots, both my own and for clients.  It is a site that will explore and share insights as living on the road experiences create new memories, possibly change thought processes, and, most certainly, change this author.

Noteworthy tips and useful ideas and tools will be shared from my own case files and from other experienced genealogical authors and researchers.   If the answer you need is elusive, we can coordinate our efforts to maximize a satisfactory result.

Pat_TruckBorn in Oakland, California, I was carted off to Colombia, South America at the ripe age of six weeks, where I remained until my high school years. Our family then moved to Mexico City, Mexico, where I graduated from the American High School in 1966. Four years later I graduated from the College of the Holy Names in Oakland, CA, with a degree in Psychology. I was married one week later in Livermore, CA.
I now have two grown daughters and four grandsons. Retired in 2013 from Credentialing in hospital settings, I have decided to follow a lifelong dream. I sold my home and most belongings and bought a 34′ fifth wheel and truck to travel the country, feeding my love for genealogy, and hopefully visiting all the national parks.  I love traveling, genealogy, reading, walking, cooking, various crafts, and anything to do with my grandkids. Yes, I am fluent in Spanish and love the Latino culture. My father was Colombian, and my mother, still thriving at 95 years young, is a native Californian, also from the Bay Area.

With that said, I have been given a heart that cares deeply for others and hands to reach out and help wherever the need might be.  My current passion is building with the RV Care-a-Vanners, restoring and building new homes for Habitat for Humanity families.  I am blessed beyond measure!

10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Pat,

    Sounds like a wonderful life you have had and are having. I looked at WordPress as I was thinking of beginning a blog. But writing is not my strong suit. Anyway, I wanted to pass along a newletter I really enjoy that might be of value to you.

    Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter – Plus Edition – Dick Eastman has digitalized almost all of his genealogy research and writes about that in the newsletter. I want to do the same and file the bulk. The cost is $25.00 per year and well worth it in my opinion.

    My wife, Judy and I travel in a small Casita travel trailer with our dog, Auggie the Doggie.

    Mike Dunavant
    Corsicana, TX


    1. Hi Mike and Judy. Thanks for your message. I am familiar with Eastman’s and receive his blog. One of my goals for 2017 is to get some of my genealogy on my blog on a regular basis. I don’t know how some bloggers do so on a daily basis – it is challenging! All the best to you.


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