Rambling the backroads of the USA in search of roots




Backroads Dreamer

Hi, my name is Pat, and I am finally turning my dream into reality!  I was born in Oakland, CA, and at the ripe age of six months was transported by boat, through the Panama Canal, to Barranquilla, Colombia, my father’s hometown.  I remained there until my freshman year of high school when my father was transferred to Mexico City, Mexico.  In 1966 I graduated from the American High School and moved back to Oakland, CA to attend the College of the Holy Names, high on a hill, overlooking the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.  My major was psychology.  I later, at the age of 60, went on to earn a Masters in Counseling and was also Certified as a Credentialing Professional for Medical Providers.

I have remained in the USA since 1970, raising two spectacular daughters, and now watching four young grandsons explore and taste this crazy world of ours.

Building with Habitat for Humanity, reading, traveling, computers, cooking, genealogy, walking, and many crafts are just a few of my passions.  With my decision to become an RV fulltimer, I can continue to do all of them!  Primarily, I will be combining my love for travel, my diligence for genealogy, and my fascination with computers into a piece of my livelihood. Excitement is the name of the game, and a future full of new adventures awaits me.  God has provided mightily for me, and for that I am grateful each and every day.

I hope you will join me as I ramble the highways and backroads of the USA, journaling along the way and delving into family histories with deep roots and great stories to tell.  God bless you!




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